Powder River Let ‘Er Buck Kaycee Ranch Rodeo Feature Story

            As the Working Ranch Cowboys Association is growing, so is the number of WRCA sanctioned rodeos. The WRCA sanctioned the Powder River Let ‘Er Buck Kaycee Ranch Rodeo in Kaycee, Wyo. for the first time during July of the 2017 competition season.

            “This is our fifth-annual year and our first year WRCA sanctioned,” said Tammie Neville, Kaycee Ranch Rodeo Coordinator. “We started getting interest from local teams that have their WRCA card to be sanctioned.

            “We were having a hard time getting teams and WRCA seemed like a good fit, with the American Quarter Horse Association’s Top Horse award and the helpfulness of the WRCA staff,” Neville said.

            One of the biggest challenges was getting local ranches to take the time to apply for their WRCA card, Neville said.

            In the future, we would like to grow our Friday night events, Neville said. Kaycee Ranch Rodeo held several events on Friday night this year however they would like to involve more local teams in the years to come.

            “We have four years under our belt and we foresee a strong future with WRCA,” Neville said.

            “It would be awesome to have someone who attended our event win the World Championship Ranch Rodeo,” Neville said. “We would be so excited and we would love to be there to watch.”

            Neville said Kaycee Ranch Rodeo is unique because of the participation of Dona Vold Larsen and Triple V Rodeo Company partnered with the size of Kaycee, Wyo.

            “Dona is an outstanding producer who knows to make a rodeo run and run efficiently,” Neville said. “In Kaycee, population 250, 10 teams with five members on a team makes an impression in a small town.”

            Kaycee, Wyo. is located on the Middle Fork of the Powder River in Johnston County and is primarily dependent on agriculture and mineral related businesses.